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Vishal Group - Integrated Centralized Security System

Sipradi Trading
Naikap (HQ) and 37 different Branches
Centralized OnlineTime Attendance System

Nature of Activities performed:

Installation of Time Attendance System HS13- 038 in all Branches and integrate system with ERP for real-time sync of attendance Data.

Description of Actual Services Provided by HARATI

Sipradi Trading is a leading trading company distributing vehicles and other products in all Over Nepal. HARATI has established a project in culminating, The Real Time Attendance System to Sipradi Trading. We integrated (HS – 13038) device in all the major branches of Sipradi trading distributed on different places of Nepal.

The use of system helps Sipraditrack the real time attendance of the employee in all branches centrally. The attendance is track through IP address for which HARATI has established network to track all the data to a centralized system.

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