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HARATI has been conducting several marketing campaign for several Products and Services so as to share our offers/ promotions with our customers. HARATI as a pioneer service provider of several ITC products dealing with small to large corporate firms in Nepal, Media campaign has always been a medium to interact with our clients.

Total Records :8

Media Name Title Date Published Attachement
TC Thunder Cats 2019-11-02 TV Ad 2017-11-10
Harati Participating CEBIT Nagarik 2017-03-18
Harati Participating in CEBIT IT Expo at Hannover Living with ICT 2017-03-17
Harati Computer Service taking part in Hannover IT Expo Halchal Nepal 2017-03-19
Harati taking part in Hannover IT Expo Himalayan Times 2017-03-17
Harati Computer Service Participation in Global IT and Digital Expo at Hannover Germany 2017-03-17
Cebit Participation Press Release Cebit Participation Press Release 2019-11-01

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