Yes to Student Attendance, No to roll call is the cloud based Student Attendance Management System that helps to keep student's attendance record in a systematic and effective way.

Features & Benefits

There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.

Option to monitor students

Attend main benefit is to provide real time check in and check out information. It is accurate, reliable and time saving.

Records student’s data

It keeps the record of basic important data in a digital form. After the students register their finger print the system will keep the entire record.

Secured identification

Finger print enrollment is a unique but student can get registered through photo ID/ swipe cards. This unique identification secures the original data.

Schedules daily reports

This system has ability to collect summary of all the reports and it helps in data analysis for full and partial absences.

Easy User interface

Now you will always have a clear picture of every student’s attendance throughout the academic year.

Easy User interface

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Integration With Biometric Devices

Biometric Devices

You can record attendances in just the punch of a finger or with your face scanned or with your ID Card in the biometric enabled attence machines. The software works in integration with such devices that reads or scan your finger or facial pattern. The scanning system provides identificaction of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of those unique patterns and ridges in a fingerprint or facial pattern. This pattern is then compressed and digitized so that is can be registered as a template of a prson's biometric authentication data.

"Crating a quality school environment"


It also facilitates parents to check their children's attendance status. Using the system, parents can get better information about their children's academic records. Parents can view attendance update and progress report online from any part of the world. This makes the students more responsible toward their study and this in turn helps improve parent children relationship. And also it will increase parents' involvement in college activities. Improved attendance rate of students will ultimately increase their academic success rate. And the better result improves the reputatuon of the college.

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Support Plan

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Telephonic Support

We are always at the end of phone to provide any type of solution to our customer's telephonic inquiry. You can simply call to our support center if you require any assistance related to our software. We are always ready to help you on any product.

Web Based Online Support

With online web support system, simply fill up the form in our website and submit your problem or question. We have dedicated support team will promptly response you with required solution. You can also state your question via e-mail.

Site Visit Support

Our site visit support facilitates customers to resolve the complex problems that cannot be addressed through telephone or email. In such a case our support representatives provide site visit facility.