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Save The Children - Web and Mobile Application for Health and Use of Biometrics in HIV Program Database

Save the Children, Nepal, Global Fund Unit
Kathmandu, Nepal
Web Based Online Registration System

Description of Actual Services Provided by HARATI

  • Developing mobile application to disseminate health messages, information and updates
  • Integration of biometric system in patient data management.
  • Integration with existing software of ART Dispensing Tool (ADT).

Scope of Work:

  1. Tasks related to developing mobile application
    1. Detail System study with Program Team
    2. Developing an outline (or schema) as well as a prototype of application and circulate for technical review and feedback
    3. Develop application, pilot test, incorporate feedback and finalize
    4. Provide orientation to key staff who has administrative roles in regular operation of application.
    5. Process Details
      • Broadcast the messages to intended recipients about the doses for the ART
      • Hospital Staffs can able to communicate with PLHIV and other staffs in accordance with HIV Program
      • Patients are instantly notified about broadcasted messages online or offline in smart phone users
      • SMS messages are sent to users who don’t use Android Smart phones
  2. Tasks related to biometric use in HIV data management
    1. Use of Biometrics Devices, collect feedback from SI and Program team members of NCASC and finalize
    2. Install the software with biometric features in all sites in Kathmandu and Pokhara and provide orientation to the staff who involve in data entry, management and supervision.
    3. Process Details
      • Identify patients and know all the necessary information via patients fingerprint
      • The fingerprint is stored and identified by biometric device
      • Patients are instantly notified about broadcasted messages online or offline in smart phone users
      • All the identification and necessary information are fetched from the software application

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