STUDENT ATTENDANCE SYSTEM | Online and Web based Electronics Student Attendace System
Cloud based Based on latest Cloud Based Saas Architecture
You don't require any expensive hardware or software installation to run this application. Simply Log on from any device having internet browser anywhere from the world
Integration with biometric devices Integration With Biometric Devices
Your student can record attendances in just the punch of a finger or with face pattern or with ID Card in the biometric enabled attendance machines.
Fascility for parents Facility for parents
Parents can check their children’s login details and keep track whether he/she is late or has skipped the class from anywhere.
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  • Replacing the paper based attendance system with electronic recording of class rolls.
  • Monitor student late arrivals and early departures.
  • Monitor student absence, explained and unexplained.
  • Allows teachers to manage student behavior and view the time table of each student.
  • Students can check their status info through their own login page. Also they can ask for leave and get approved online. They can also get prior notice on school events and activities.
  • Automate several reports and share.
  • Message sending /receiving system and school can reach important communications to student or parent with UNLIMITED messaging pack.
Click Here to start using sAttend Application "Yes to Student Attendance, No to roll call"
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