Discover the new ways of Key less Life
Do you sometimes wish you could leave your house secure without having to take keys with you?
   With cutting edge technology, HARATI Security has several product range of electronic lock that works by recognizing fingerprints which can register hundreds of fingerprints acts as a biometric digital door lock. For intensive verification purposes, it also comes with dual verification access where PIN number and fingerprints can be used as tools.
Keypad Lock RF Lock Fingerprint Lock
Finger Print Lock
We lost the key , but we won’t worry.
We could not get rid of lost keys, so we get rid of keys.
   Install a fingerprint lock by HARATI, all you need is a screwdriver, and say good bye to lost keys. You no need hide your keys under the doormat; no need worry being locked out because you forget your keys; no need worrying who has a key to your house. With a fingerprint lock, your finger is a key,and no one can copy it. Your coming and going is keyless, effortless and Painless.
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Product Code: 6600-98 Product Code: 6600-86
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Special Features
  • Pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure enables for using more than 10 years
  • Just need to pull up the hood and put the fingerprint on the reader to open the door. No need to input the passwords by pressing the several buttons of the keypad.
  • Fingerprint user capacity 150.
  • It is very easy to change batteries in the lock, just need several minutes on one lock.
KeyPad Lock
   HARATI Keypad Lock lets you unlock your front door by entering a simple code. No keys, no hassle, no fuss – just keep a PIN number in your head! You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to, and delete that code just as easily
6600-88 6600-111 6600-101
Product Code: 6600-88 Product Code: 6600-111 Product Code: 6600-101
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Special Features
  • Especially suitable for installation by nonprofessionals.
  • Very easy to operate, suitable for office, house and apartment.
  • There are two kinds of password: Master password and sub password, which are easy to manage
  • Master password can be used to add or delete any sub password.
Hotel Lock
Make your hotel safe, intelligent and easy managing
   Hotel Management is a complex job. You don't hope to get complaint from guests about belongings loss, frequent system failure and hardware replacing. HARATI pioneered in Electronic Security System having more than 10 years experience ensure you a safe, stable and user friendly hotel lock solution.With HARATI Hotel Lock, you can rest now and no need constantly replace your hotel locks
6600-103 6600-75 6600-93
Product Code: 6600-103 Product Code: 6600-75 Product Code: 6600-93
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Special Features
  • Luxury, firm and elegante. No screw will be found on thelock surface.
  • No plastic, cast-steel integrative structure.
  • There is a small hole at the bottom of the front lock for POS machine to pick up the unlocking records easily.
  • The handle lay no connection, less scrape with other parts to protect them.
General Features
  • Exquisite appearance, rational structure, safe and reliable.
  • Suitable for villa, office, military area and entertainment places.
  • Independent electronic input-output management system:
  • Keypad circuit and tag circuit are insulated, and insure use safely
  • Multi-ways of high-security unlocking methods.
  • Can set one-key opening function: pull up front cover just open door.
  • If input wrong passwords for 3 times continuously, it will stop for 15 seconds automatically.
  • Use 9V extra power when lower power which is safe and convenient
  • Can add door magnetic monitoring function.
  • Reserve many kinds of interface which can connect with home intelligent system.
  • U-design handle is the first choice, maximum protect body.
2 Years Warranty / Lifetime Support Designed in Usa
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