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HARATI Hotel Lock System is especially designed to meet the needs of small-medium-large hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation cost. It is allowing for comprehensive access control and system management , but offers you an easy "one -click" installation system

Manage and Conrol your Hotel RoomGuests with a single integrated System..



  • Easy installation "one-click" operation only
  • Check-in, check-out and reservation for hotel guest
  • Set card expiration date/time
  • Create master, building, floor and other employee card
  • Easy to program

  • Create lost card to remove lost/stolen cards from the system
  • Create record card to get the unlock logs from the hotel lock
  • Matrix design allow you to see the room status
  • All issued cards are logged in the software for viewing at any time

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HARATI is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. HARATI is a information and communication technology based company offering products and services including Software, Hardware, GIS, IT Chain Stores, Service Outsourcing and Security Products.
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