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Gorkhapatra Corporation - Enterprise Back Office Management

Gorkhapatra Corporation
Kathmandu, Nepal
Enterprise Back Office Management

Nature of Activities performed:

  • Analyzing (Feasibility and System), designing the solution and proposing system architecture, developing, installing, testing and implementation of the Web-based system.
  • System integrating hardware, networking architecture and other infrastructures to support system.
  • All technical and operational documentation
  • Training (Operational and Technical) to staff of the customer.
  • Post-implementation warranty, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and ongoing support till the completion of the project.
  • Include the Business Continuity Plan to run the system in case of disasters.
  • Database Mining, Administration, Performance Tuning.

Location : Kathmandu Regional Directorate (KRD) Sundhara Kathmandu Nepal

Description of Actual Services Provided by HARATI

Following Modules were developed

Customer Relationship Management Module:

All Customer related information will be stored in this module with their complete profile, contacts, Billing History etc.

Billing Module

This is the main module which that whenever any billing activities occurred will effect this module

Cash Desk Module

All customer payment related details, cash collection, Bank and related information will be stored here

Receivable System

All Debtors info with their ageing report and all details.

The above mentioned modules will incorporate all the entire system that happens or may happen in Gorkhapatra Sansthan day to day operation.

The system also incorporate required no of reports that is necessary for MIS purpose and for resource planning purpose.

The highlights of the system are:

  • Proposed System met the current and future Reporting requirements of Gorkhapatra Sansthan Procurement System
  • The envisioned system provide flexible reporting system
  • Online Help System is provided as a part of the solution
  • System shall support to print Nepali Font/ date as well as English
  • The envisioned system shall maintain Logs and Histories

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